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Types of Homes

You have a choice in Creekstone! Join the new Southwest Calgary community in a home that meets your needs, style, and budget! Explore the amazing selection of new front-drive garage single-family homes and laned duplexes available to you below.


Our Homes

Front-Drive - Brookfield Residential

1884 -2485 sq. ft. • 3-6 bedrooms • 4 models • from the low $700’s

Front-Drive - Excel Homes

1775-2432 sq. ft. • 3-4 bedrooms • 12 models • from the mid $700’s

Duplex - Brookfield Residential

1615-1697 sq ft • 2-3 bedrooms • 7 floor plans • from the low $600’s

Duplex - Excel Homes

1529-1753 sq ft • 3 bedrooms • 4 models • from the low $600’s

Our Builders

Creekstone is proudly partnered with two of Calgary’s top award-winning builders who are the masterminds behind the design and construction of your home. Each builder has decades of experience in the industry and are some of the most trusted and reliable builders in Calgary. Enjoy a simple, enjoyable, and exciting process getting into your new home. With these builders, residents are able to find their perfect match with what they’re looking for. You have incredible options in Creekstone! Find out more about our home builders, their approaches, and architectural styles below.

Brookfield Residential

At Brookfield Residential, we believe every day is the perfect day to come together, create meaningful connections and enjoy even the simplest moments in life. That’s why for more than 60 years, we’ve been crafting homes and communities that make you feel like you’ve found a place you truly belong – where you can put down roots, and grow a brighter future. We also believe that when we make a positive contribution to the quality of life and well-being of members in the community, it benefits many generations to come.

Building: Duplex & Single-Family Front-Drive Garage

Excel Homes

The Excel Difference: we’re striving to make homeownership simple, enjoyable and more fun. Our mission is simple: to create a home buying experience that delivers the most joy and value to our homeowners. Since we first began 35 years ago, we’ve built over 14,000 homes and received over 75 awards for design and industry excellence. Our experience has helped develop a refined homebuying experience that values your time, simplifies the big decisions and minimizes any stress that can come with building a new home. At Excel, the experience of building your home will be exciting, easy and memorable throughout the entire process. Excel Homes: Simplifying your journey home.

Building: Duplex & Single-Family Front-Drive Garage

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